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We solely use polyaspartic floor coating on garage floors for long-lasting durability. Polyaspartic coating is highly durable and ideal for garage floors as it is water, fade, and impact resistant. Plus, it is resitant to tire marks and other stains. Your garage doesn’t have to be dirty and cold – polyaspartic flooring is easy to maintain so you can keep your garage floors looking sharp at all times. Whether you use your garage as a workspace or as storage for your car collection, polyaspartic garage floor coating in Calgary is the best and safest option.


You may have heard of epoxy garage floors, but polyaspartic is guaranteed to be 3x stronger than the leading epoxy coating. Using polyaspartic will give your floor a similar appearance to epoxy but with greater durability. We offer all of our customers in the Calgary area a plethora of garage floor ideas while providing the best floor coating for your home that is proven to be safe and environmentally sound.

Why Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings

Impact & Stain Resistant to Hot Tire Marks

Polyaspartic garage floor coating is the optimal choice that will make your concrete floor impact and stain resistant to hot tire marks.

& Odour Free

Polyaspartic coating contains minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it environmentally friendly, in addition to also being odour free.

Resistant to Oil Stains, Salt Corrosion & Water Damage

By using Polyaspartic floor coating, you can effectively protect your garage floor from inevitable damages like UV rays, oil stains, salt corrosion, and water damage.

Low Maintenance Required With
Quick Install & Dry Time

We strive to create a minimally disruptive and invasive environment. Polyaspartic has a quick install and dry time, so we will get the job done quickly. Most of our projects have a turnaround time of a day or two.

Slip Resistant to Prevent
Unnecessary Slips & Trips

The safety of our customers is paramount, which is why we use polyaspartic coating that is slip resistant that prevents hazardous slips and trips.

Guaranteed 3X Stronger
Than Other Epoxy Coatings

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Our Process For Installing Epoxy Garage Floors in Calgary

Top Coat

We finally apply the last coat of polyaspartic on the garage floor where it only takes a short amount of time for it to dry.

Vinyl Flakes

Before applying the top coat, we can inset vinyl flakes for a more customizable and less monotonous garage floor appearance.

Base Coat

After preparing the surface, we can apply the first layer of polyaspartc coating. We spread it evenly using a squeegee or roller.


Before the polyaspartic coating can be applied, we prepare the surface by cleaning it and inserting a moisture so the poyaspartic can penetrate the surface.

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Why Choose Ultra Coating

Highest-Quality Product

We use the highest quality polyaspartic and epoxy coatings for your garage floor. We believe in delivering a product that will last and last with little to no maintenance or repairs required.

Fast & Efficient Installation

We get the job done quickly and with less hassle. Your garage floor will be ready to show off in no time! We complete most projects within one day with some additional time required for drying and curing.

Best in Industry Warranty

Our epoxy coating installation process is unrivalled, but if you are discontented with our work, we offer the best industry warranty to ensure satisfactory results.

10+ Years of Experience

With more than ten years of experience in floor and driveway coating application, our Calgary customers are guaranteed to be satisfied with our work.
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Your Options For
Epoxy Garage Floors

When you choose Ultra Coating Epoxy Flooring as your garage floor coating installer, you will have a variety of options that will enable you to customize your floor to match your home’s aesthetic. We want you to have all the options you need to forge a space in your garage that you can look at and admire. 


When we use polyaspartic floor coating, we can guarantee that you can choose from a number of different colours and patterns to customize your garage so it can properly match your home’s aesthetic.


Polyaspartic floor coating can include additional finishes that are an additional touch and will make your garage more resilient to damages, and amplify its appearance and general appeal.
Frequently Asked Questions

Polyaspastic floor coating was initially developed as a coat for steel in bridges 30 years ago. It is a mix material that emulates polyurethane and an effective alternative to epoxy.

Both materials come with their individual set of benefits, so there is not overwhelming indication to prove that one coating material is better than the other. Although, with that said, polyaspartic does dry more quickly than epoxy and can be more durable as well. We find that polyaspartic is the best material for residential garage floor coatings.

It can last between 10-20 years before signs of visible wear begin to show.