Commercial Epoxy Flooring

For all your commercial concrete resurfacing purposes, we use epoxy and polyaspartic for their incredible and undeniable results. Epoxy and polyaspartic can be utilized for any commercial concrete floor, including barbershop flooring, because of their innate ability to provide a protective and durable layer. 


We are dedicated to applying polyaspartic and epoxy floor coating onto commercial concrete for swift and seamless installation. These coating products will reduce the wear and age of any commercial flooring, creating a more appealing atmosphere that will attract customers and clients.

The Best in Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Quick Install & Dry Time

The epoxy finish we use boasts a quick dry time, and we we always promise a fast turnaround for installation, resulting in minimal downtime for your business.

Anti-Slip & Impact Resistant

Create a safer environment for your employees and clients. Epoxy coating is both anti-slip and impact resistant, making it safer for places like warehouses, car dealerships and more.

Environmentally Friendly

With low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), our commercial floor coating is environmentally friendly, producing no harm to any person or natural element around it.


After applying an epoxy or polyaspartic coating onto a commercial floor, proper maintenance requires only the occasional mop, broom, or bucket of water for a quick clean.

UV &
Stain Resistant

Tough stains like oil, grease, and tire marks are no match for our epoxy floor coatings. With both stain and fade resistant properties, your floors are guaranteed to look great for longer.

Protects Against Corrosion & Water

Epoxy repels water and also protects against corrosion. Water and rust can wreak havoc on concrete floors especially in industrial environments. Epoxy provides a secure coating to protect your floors long term.

Strong Enough to Handle Anything You Throw At It

Commercial epoxy flooring is beneficial for any concrete floor in Calgary but is particularly advantageous for businesses. Epoxy industrial flooring provides several benefits, including water/flood resistance, low maintenance and upkeep, and anti-slip properties. Car dealerships, workshops, warehouses, mechanic shops, bars, barbershops, showrooms, parkades, and shopping centers are a few of the businesses that may benefit from an epoxy coating. Floors at these businesses often endure a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, and after a while, deterioration will become visible and unsightly. 


To revitalize your commercial floors so they gleam for customers and clients, call Ultra Coating Epoxy Flooring to give you the desired results.

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Shopping Centers

Guaranteed 3X Stronger
Than Other Epoxy Coatings

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Our Process For Installing Epoxy Flooring

Top Coat

We finalize this floor coating process by applying a top coat onto the floor of a business that will offer further protection.

Vinyl Flakes

For aesthetic and customization purposes, we can insert decorative flakes into the floor coating for a more gratifying appearance.

Base Coat

Upon preparing the concrete floor of a business, we will pour a base coat of the epoxy flooring and spread it evenly using an extended roller.


First, we prepare the concrete that needs an applied coat of epoxy by thoroughly cleaning any debris that may obstruct the effectiveness of the floor coating.

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Why Choose Ultra Coating

Highest-Quality Product

We offer a commercial-grade product that is strong enough to handle the daily demands of your business. Impact resistant, UV resistant, and water resistant, our epoxy coatings are ideal for commercial use.

Fast & Efficient Installation

We don't want to get in the way of your business productivity. Our coatings boast fast dry times so you can get back to work as soon as possible. We also take special care to ensure a clean and orderly workspace to minimize any disruption.

Best in Industry Warranty

Talk to us about our warranty for commercial epoxy flooring installations. If you're not happy with our work, we'll make it right. Our warranty also protects against future damages and issues.

10+ Years of Experience

With 10+ years of experience under our belt, we are industry professionals looking to work with other business experts. When you want the best there is, trust Ultra Coating Epoxy Flooring.
What Our Clients Say
Frequently Asked Questions

Once the epoxy coating is fully cured and dry, it is safe to be around and will not affect the health of employers, employees, or patrons at a business. Due to low VOC levels, epoxy is virtually odourless. 

Once applied, traditional epoxy coatings can last on any concrete flooring for five to ten years. At Ultra Coating Epoxy Flooring, we aim to provide a quality product that will last a lifetime, or close to it. 

When applied properly and once the top coat is completely dry, an epoxy coating will instantly be noticeable on any concrete floor because of its signature shine and its ability to erase prior damage. Epoxy is available in a variety of colours so depending on the colour you choose, you may notice a significant difference.

Yes, it can increase the value of any property that utilizes the floor coating. Epoxy is relatively inexpensive and its ability to procure results that drive up the value a property makes its application an invaluable investment for any business. Epoxy coatings can also help to improve aesthetic and safety.