Ultra Concrete Resurfacing

For concrete resurfacing in Calgary, we offer our most exemplary skills and products to make your concrete driveway or floorings look flawless and unique. Our concrete resurfacing flooring services utilizes our highest quality products to enhance any concrete slab. When we resurface your concrete, it will reduce typical concrete resurfacing costs and is a safe method that will increase a floor’s resilience for years to come. 


When we are resurfacing worn concrete, your newly perfected concrete will make your floor long-lasting and with a charming design, it will capture anyone’s attention. In addition to concrete resurfacing, we also offer driveway sealer for exposed aggregate driveways and polyaspartic garage flooring.

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Our Process For Concrete Resurfacing

Clean Surface

Before beginning, we clean and wash the concrete surface to remove any debris, dirt, even mould and mildew that could be on the surface.

Fill Cracks

Prior to resurfacing, we also have to fill in the cracks and any other visible imperfections that will lessen the effectiveness of the resurfacing.


Once we have tidied up the small faults in the concrete, we will apply a concrete mixture onto the driveway and even it out to ensure a smooth finish.

Apply Finishes

Once a new coat of concrete is applied onto the surface, we use edging tools to complete the finishing touches for a polished look.

Epoxy Coating

Depending on the type of flooring or concrete, you may choose to finish the surface with an epoxy coating to enjoy the benefits of water and stain resistance, impact resistance, and more.

Why Choose Ultra Coating For Concrete Resurfacing

Highest-Quality Product

We will make sure you love your driveway with its newly polished finish using the highest quality products we have available for our customers.

Fast & Efficient Installation

We get the job done quickly so you don’t have to worry about any damage occurring while you wait for us to complete the project. Your driveway will be finished in no time.

Best in Industry Warranty

We strive to give our customers the best results possible, but if we falter in any way, we offer the best industry warranty for any application we do.

10+ Years of Experience

With more than ten years of experience in floor and driveway coating application, our Calgary customers are guaranteed to be satisfied with our work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, resurfacing consists of pouring a new layer of concrete over a worn piece of concrete. This process will improve the appearance of the existing concrete and will remedy any imperfections that have materialized since its original installation.

Because concrete does wear over time, it is best to get it resurfaced at least every 10-20 years.

It isn’t a necessity to seal concrete, but it is greatly beneficial and can contribute to more pleasing appearance and help improve its appearance and durability. If you have an exposed aggregate driveway or walkway, it should be sealed every two years.