What Is Polyaspartic?

For garage flooring, we use polyaspartic, a quality epoxy alternative. Polyaspartic, much like epoxy, is a protective coating consisting of aliphatic polyurea. This floor coating is meant to provide a durable layer that will withstand various amounts of damage to prevent erosion. Polyaspartic coating is highly durable and ideal for garage floors as it is stain, water, fade, and impact resistant. Using polyaspartic coating will give your floor a similar appearance to epoxy but with greater durability. With such potent protective elements within this coating, polyaspartic will secure your floor for a long period of time.

The Benefits of Polyaspartic Coating

Quick Install & Dry Time

We strive to create a minimally disruptive and invasive environment. polyaspartic has a quick install and dry time, so we we’ll get the job done.

Anti-Slip & Impact Resistant

The safety of our customers is paramount, which is why we use polyaspartic coating that is slip resistant and prevents hazardous slips and trips.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyaspartic coating contains minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it environmentally friendly, in addition to also being odour free.


We strive to give you an easy and quick installation of floor coating with an even easier way of maintaining it after we finish. Only light maintenance is required when installing this coating.

UV &
Stain Resistant

By using polyaspartic floor coating, you can effectively protect your garage floor from inevitable damages like UV rays, oil stains, salt corrosion, and water damage.

Protects Against Corrosion & Water

By using Polyaspartic floor coating, you can effectively protect your garage floor from inevitable damages like UV rays, oil stains, salt corrosion, and water damage.

How Is a Polyaspartic Coating Applied?

Much like epoxy coating, polyaspartic coating requires a preparation, a base coat, the application of vinyl flakes, and a top coat. Preparing to install polyaspartic consists of washing away the debris on the concrete where the coating will be applied. Next, the base coat is applied using a roller to spread it evenly on the concrete. Vinyl flakes can be inserted into this application for customization and aesthetically pleasing purposes. Finally, the top coat is installed using the roller and it should only take 10-20 minutes for the polyaspartic coating to dry. 

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What Does Polyaspartic Floor Coating Look Like?

Frequently Asked Questions About Polyaspartic Floor Coating in Calgary

Polyaspastic floor coating was initially developed as a coat for steel in bridges 30 years ago. It is a mix material that emulates polyurethane and an effective alternative to epoxy.

Both materials come with their individual set of benefits and disadvantages, so there is not overwhelming indication to prove that one coating material is better than the other. Although, with that said, Polyaspartic does dry more quickly than epoxy and can be more durable as well. 

It can last between 10-20 years before signs of visible wear begin to show.