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The Best Floor Coating System for a Home Garage

The Best Epoxy Floor Coating System for a Home Garage

The garage of your home is imperative to keeping expensive belongings safe kept without compromise. But to keep your garage at its best, floor upkeep is often necessary. When it comes time to implement trustworthy and reliable floor coating onto your garage floor, you’ll want to select the coating that is best for your garage to make it more resilient and safe to use. The most popular type of floor coating a homeowner typically implements on garage floors is an epoxy floor coating mixture that will only enhance the appearance and functionality of your garage. But what epoxy floor coatings will prove best for a home garage in terms of safety, durability, and aesthetics that will match your home? 

Find out what epoxy floor coating system is best for a residential garage, how it works, and the many benefits of these separate coating steps. 


Waterborne epoxy is the first epoxy base you install onto your concrete garage floor and is one of the easiest to apply. Similar to applying paint, waterborne epoxy will only take light labour to properly apply with a roller. The waterborne epoxy coating can come in a kit that can be found at your local hardware store for around $50 and upwards of $70. The waterborne epoxy coating can be applied and must be complete with a matte gloss finish. This initial coating will increase the overall durability of your epoxy garage floor.  

High solids epoxy

High solids epoxy floor coating is perfect for any household to install in their garage due to its innate ability to cure at an accelerated speed. 100% solid epoxy will also prove to be incredibly durable and will make for a versatile, customizable base that will enable you to dye the floor a wide variety of colours. With high solids installed on your floor, you can choose a palette of colours that will allow a household to match their garage floors to the home’s general aesthetic. High solids epoxy will cost around $120 per 250 square feet, with an even higher price expected when you purchase an installment kit. Although DIY installment will be much harder to accomplish with this coating as it is much thicker than other epoxy coatings, and some assistance could be required. 

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Top coat

After two coats of epoxy have been applied onto your floor, you’ll want to install a clear top coat that will improve and complete the appearance of your garage floor. The top coat will increase the durability of the epoxy and also give it a signature gloss and shine that will look extremely compelling compared to a monotonous grey. This step will also allow you to insert paint chips into the base coat for customization purposes, giving your floor a new texture and an anti-slip additive. This primer is often the most expensive part of the epoxy application, where it can cost upwards of $800 for a kit.   

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