epoxy flooring pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

The advantages and setbacks of using epoxy flooring in Calgary

Sprucing up the flooring with an epoxy covering will improve the appearance of many rooms where the floors are scuffed and aging. Whether you want to use epoxy on the floors in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement, patio, or commercial properties, epoxy will make your floors look more refined and sleek as the coating can be installed with supreme ease. For both commercial and residential properties, epoxy coating can provide numerous benefits in appearance and strength. Still, a few disadvantages should be considered before applying the coating onto your floors. 

Discover the pros and cons of using epoxy flooring in Calgary in your home and property to help you determine if the coating will ultimately benefit you. 


The many advantages associated with epoxy flooring have made it such a popular coating for home and business owners. Some of the benefits of using epoxy coating include:

  • Affordable: Epoxy floors are much more cost-efficient when compared to other floor coatings. The coating is inexpensive to install per square foot. It can easily be applied onto an existing concrete slab, so you can avoid paying extra to install another floor onto the property. Although the epoxy coating will gradually wear off and need a replacement at some point, the cost of replacement is still relatively insignificant because you won’t have to prepare new concrete flooring.
  • Appearance: Garage, commercial floors, and an outdoor patio usually have a mundane grey and make an area look dull. Revitalizing your floors and making them stand out can be done with ease when you apply an epoxy coating. With a clean and slick appearance that can be easily maintained, epoxy will make your floors look newly refined. 
  • Durable and resistant: Epoxy is an appealing floor coating for property homeowners for various reasons, with its durability and strong resistance being one of the main ones. According to renovation experts, epoxy coating is perfect to be applied on floors because it can withstand heavy loads without sustaining substantial damage. Moreover, epoxy is resistant to many elements, including bleach, gasoline, transmission fluid, and oil. This resistance makes epoxy suitable to be installed in garages and automotive and commercial properties. 
  • Customizable: When you apply epoxy coating onto a floor, you can easily choose from a large selection of different colours and textures to customize your floors. Such vast design options will enable any property owner to eradicate the unsightly grey of a concrete floor!
epoxy coating
The distinct shine of epoxy on a concrete floor


Although the benefits of epoxy flooring in Calgary are abundant, there are still drawbacks that every property owner should know before investing in this coating. Here are the following disadvantages involved in the application of epoxy:

  • Adhering to wet environments: Epoxy coating can, unfortunately, be difficult to apply in areas with more moisture than not. A concrete slab must be completely dry for the epoxy coating to cure properly, and if it doesn’t, the epoxy coating can be liable to lift. 
  • Application: The application process of epoxy coating can be highly time-consuming, and it can take several days for the coating to dry correctly. If one error is made during the application, the coating will not endure as long, and potential reapplication will be required shortly. 

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